How long before my wedding should I book a photographer?

When you are ready. Planning a wedding is hard! Some people book me a few months out, some years out, but to be honest I am not sure what I am going to be doing in three years, but I have been here for 12 years, shooting weddings so I probably said that multiple times over the last 12 years so I probably will still be in Perth, dreaming of living down south on a farm, shooting weddings and tending to my tiny, urban veggie patch wishing I had enough room to have chickens and goats.

Can we meet you before we book to make sure you are the photographer for us?

Definitely! I want you to spend your wedding day with the right photographer for you, rather than just making sure that I just get a booking. I have a little one now (Charlie Finn, he appears in instastories when he is being cute and sleeping for this Momma-bear) so if you don’t want me at your wedding, I would rather spend the day singing songs and knocking down blocks with him. But if you do want to meet me to see if I am the right fit, I have a home studio in Palmyra (like right near Fremantle, lets pretend it’s Freo) and am available to meet you during the day on Monday and Wednesday and during the evenings Monday to Wednesday till 8pm and every second Thursday. Unfortunately weddings are mainly held on Fridays and the weekends which does make me less available over weekends in Summer, but I can meet you via Skype if you cannot make it to my studio.

What do you charge?

My packages start at $2500.  If you are planning to elope, a microwedding or a pop-up wedding, I’m very happy to offer a package with reduced photography coverage.  CONTACT ME to find out more and let me know about your wedding details.

We would love to book you for our wedding, how do we do this?

If you think I am the photographer for you, I ask for a $750 deposit to retain the date, along with a signed contract and booking form with some details about you guys and your wedding.  Three months before your wedding there is another $750 payment and final payment is due in the month before your wedding.

Can you hold our wedding date?

Unfortunately I am unable to hold your wedding date without a signed agreement and retainer.  


How much time do you need for photos?

This is something that we discuss at length before your wedding because every wedding is different and unique.  After the ceremony, it is nice to allow time for you to mingle with your guests and soak in the congratulations and love, plus have a little bit of time to get photos with important family members. Couples choose me as their photographer because they connect with the relaxed, natural images and during portraits it does take a little time to get relaxed in front of the camera. I ask for around an hour after the ceremony and family photos have finished before the reception starts if the wedding is in one place. If you need to travel for photos and to the reception, allow for travel time, plus 30-45 minutes at each location you have chosen, but try to limit the locations to areas close to the ceremony/reception locations, that way you don't spend your wedding day sitting in a car!

Do you work with an assistant?

Only if you book the package with 2 photographers.  My style is unobtrusive so I do not want to be turning up to a wedding with a crew of people to get in the way.  I can carry my own bags and I don't treat weddings like fashion photo shoot, so I do not have a whole bunch of lights or reflectors...

Photographers that I use for second photographers already own and run their own businesses and for one reason or another are free on the wedding day to second shoot.  I need to trust the second photographer to get the shot and therefore bring in photographers I know, trust and work well with.

We are kind of awkward in photos, can you help us?

I am the QUEEN of awkward photos! Every second photo of me, I am waving my arms and flapping my mouth about (or the dreaded 3 chins that don't appear in the mirror, just 2 at the moment). My approach to portrait photos is to try and get you to be as natural in front of the camera, easier said than done right? I want you to talk to each other (topic choice might be that you just got married less than an hour ago!), enjoy being together and I want to capture that connection. If you are very nervous, I will work like a ninja with a long lens, but as you get more relaxed I will start to do some gentle posing with you to get a variety of images for you but nothing extreme to make you feel more awkward.  I am a candid photographer, which means I document what is happening and I do not work off a set list of poses and then manipulate you into these poses.  If you have a list of poses you would like from your pinterest board, I may not be the photographer for you as I want to capture a connection between people naturally and not force people into a set pose.  The focus of my images are couples together, enjoying the fact they just got married and connecting with each other, not connecting with the camera by saying cheese and looking down the lens. The best way to do this is to try and ignore me as much as possible and soak up the atmosphere of your day.

Do you do table shots at the reception?

During the reception I try to capture individual people as they laugh, chat, and enjoy the evening, I work most the evening trying to stealthily capture even the most camera shy guest. Sure if someone asks for a photo, I take it but I find it quite intrusive to walk around, interrupting conversations and getting two people to squish in and smile at the camera. If you want group shots of tables or people looking at the camera definitely dedicate a special corner or space to get those photos at your reception or hire a photo booth to add even more fun to your wedding.


Do you edit all the photos?

All the final images you receive are colour edited as part of my wedding photography style, so please refrain from adding instagram filters to them when posting them online after receiving them!  Say no to yellow filters! Major retouching can be done and I offer some retouching as part of the album process but I am very realistic on what I can and cannot achieve in photoshop.  We have all seen those photoshop fail memes online...

How many images do we get?

Ah THIS question... I dislike the tradition of how wedding packages are defined by the number of images delivered. I am a documentary photographer, and I am capturing moments and in-between moments between all the people you have brought together to be a part of your wedding, which I don't think I could capture in a set number of images and certainly not in 600 photos or less. If you need to know a certain number, it will be over 1000 for the basic package, and then well on the way to 2000 images if you have extended time, two photographers, and more than 100 guests.

How long after the wedding do we get our photos?

After your wedding I post a selection of your images on Facebook or Instagram if you let me. Then I go back and process every image that is going to be delivered. Because you have the print release, I want every image to be a true representation of your day, not just the images on the blog or in an album. This task is a little time consuming, and I try to get every wedding out of the studio and into your hands as quickly as possible. In peak season it will be at least a 6-8 week turnaround.

How do you deliver the images?

You wedding images are delivered on a cute little wooden USB, with a selection of highlight prints all in a beautiful homemade (by my Dad, not me, it would be ugly if I made it) sustainable wood box and included as part of the cost of the wedding package. All images are at full resolution without a watermark and come with a print release for non-commercial use.


What equipment do you use? Do you have a back-up?

I shoot with Canon digital cameras and I usually have two cameras swinging from my shoulders with different prime lenses attached at certain times at a wedding. I also have back up cameras and more lenses than I could possibly use as I have always been a bit of an over-packer...

Do you travel for weddings?

I am happy to photograph weddings all over WA but from 2018 I will not be travelling interstate or overseas to photograph weddings unless you want to pay for a nanny to come along (or my partner or my Mum…)

Do you photograph anything other than weddings and couples?

Yup just ask me and I can either say yes or no. Yes to families, extended celebrations, business portraits (that are not boring headshots) but probably a no to architecture although home interior design projects yes, anything that sounds like I would get in trouble with the law and a solid no to anyone asking about tasteful nudes, there are specialists, I am not one of them, and if you have the body for a tasteful nude, I am just going to be insanely jealous (rocking the mum-needs-sugar-to-survive-bod over here…)