Well spring has sprung back in Perth, I am here in Seattle where the weather is definitely getting cooler, signaling it is almost time for us to head home and back into wedding season!  

Dale & I have had an amazing time touring the US in summer and missing all the natural disasters that followed us around (earthquake in Washington a week after we visited, a hurricane in New York 2 weeks after our visit and a huge fire in Yosemite just 2 days after we headed into San Francisco...)  As we discussed this with locals at a little pub in Newport, Oregon, the power went out in the whole town except the coastal area where we were sitting and having a beer!

I have a few thousand photos and videos from our trip which I will not be boring everyone with just yet, but here is one from Yosemite.  This place truly took our breath away with it's sheer size and beauty.

That's all from me at the moment, but I will be back in full contact and blogging mode in 10 days!