Tammy + Brett {Bunker Bay Wedding}

I have been waiting to post this wedding for what seems like ages.  It is hard to choose photos to represent a couple's day for a blog but even harder when that couple are lovely friends, a gorgeous, chilled out, down to earth couple that daggy dance, love metal music and introduced Dale & I to the awesome youtube performances of both Die Antwoord and Rammstein.  Our music collection will never be the same.

I photographed Tammy & Brett's wedding at the end of 2012.  True to their quirky humour, they chose the morning of the apparent last day of earth for their beachfront wedding.  Plans for a sunrise ceremony were put on hold after it was realised sunrise was just after 5am and of course the world didn't end but we all got to witness a beautiful ceremony in one of the most beautiful spots on Earth.  There was music, dancing, a beautiful breakfast spread, bean bags, their boxers Chilli & Pepper, Tammy arrived on a Harley Davidson, the signing table was a surfboard and after the ceremony was over, it was time to relax on the beach with some drinks and take in the day.