Meagan and Dave wanted a casual, laid back wedding to suit them and that is exactly what they got!  The ceremony and reception took place at Moore & Moore late one Friday afternoon in November.  They chose to see each other before the ceremony, have some photos taken around Fremantle, their home turf, then head to the ceremony for the 6.15pm start.

After the ceremony, it was lovely to see everyone just relaxing, enjoying the evening rather than rushing through family photos then having to take the bride and groom away for photos.  

Cannot get more laid back than this before a wedding!

This quote on the invites was just so sweet.

Meagan looks so much like a glamerous 50's movie star in her Lisa Ho dress, stylish hair and those red, red lips!

I went back to see Dave, and he was still hanging out in shorts and tshirt with his mates...  5 minutes later dressed, ready to meet Meagan.  Oh to be a boy.

First look was a little perfect match-like (for those old enough to remember Dexter...  if you are not, well you missed out on a lot of puffy sleeves, poofy hair and skinny ties)

Dave just checking he has the rings before the ceremony.  Bit of a tough gig without a groomsman!

I think I know where Meagan gets her wicked sense of humour and fun from...  I have seen groomsmen act up with the bouquet before but I think this is a first for me with the Father of the bride!

After some quick speeches it was time to party...

Thankyou Meagan and Dave for trusting me to capture your day, for being so much fun and especially Dave for putting up with an hour photo session even though you really didn't want them (the whoop after I said I was done gave you away I am afraid...)  I hope these photos were worth it!