Cristy & Andrew have been together for a number of years so were looking for some casual, relaxed wedding photography, just like their planned wedding.  They chose the stunning Moore & Moore for their venue, one of my favourites (this isn't just because they always make sure I am fed & watered during the receptions, although it does help...).  The ceremony started at 6pm conducted by Dru Soltys in the courtyard and the reception followed straight after, so photos around Fremantle were done before the wedding.  

This wedding was just one big party and it was so much fun to photograph!  Jenn from The Original Wedding Company set up all the cute little decorations Cristy had organised for the day, from the amazing lolly bar (I think this should be required at every wedding!), the cute button and badges for guys and girls, the kiddy boxes to keep them entertained (although the lollybar seemed to keep them more entertained - it was fun to watch around 10 kids zoom around for about an hour then slowly pass out one by one, although this could be because I am not a parent...).

Thankyou Cristy & Andrew for inviting me to photography you amazing day and I hope you enjoy these images!