Anwen + Tyson {Sandalford Winery wedding}

Anwen & Tyson live in NSW so planning their Swan Valley wedding at Sandalford was going to be a major event, with guests flying in from NSW, New Zealand and Jenny, all the way from Wales.  They chose the beautiful Sandalford Winery for their ceremony and reception location.  During the ceremony, Anwen & Tyson's Mums were presented with a rose by Sandy Bayly, the celebrant.  

After the formalities were over, while the guests went for canapes and wine (and some photos in the Photobooth!), the bridal party headed down to the vines for some photos.  So the photo sessions is supposed to be a bit of fun and a chance to relax, but these guys didn't really relax as such. They jumped around, constantly laughed at each other and themselves and really all Jas & I had to do was shoot. 

We did have a crew for this wedding, Jasmin, who second shot and manned the photobooth for the evening, and Clare & JB who moved into the world of wedding fusion by shooting the video footage for the fusion video I will be producing for Anwen & Tyson, so a BIG thankyou to you all!  Hope you had lots of fun as well!!

Anwen & Tyson, I hope you had an amazing day and enjoy the images!


Pausing for the plane flyover...

Usually I get a shot of the girls looking at the bride's ring so I love this reversal shot!

Yeah, I am not sure what is happening here...

Tyson was given a few tokens during the speeches, a timer so that he can keep to Anwen's strict timekeeping apparently, and a block of wood to carve a love spoon, which is an old Welsh custom.

When I look at these images of the dancing, I cannot help but sing "I had the time of my life" - it was the song they danced to and it has been stuck in my head for weeks!

And so the dancing began...