I want to live in a world where weddings are relaxed, playful and happy celebrations.

I get so frustrated when deliciously loved-up couples are made to pose uncomfortably, pose unnecessarily and imposed upon.

I want you to have a joyous celebration. And I believe your wedding photos should capture your unique love story, as it happened and how the people who were there will remember it.

I’m a Fremantle-based photographer specialising in happy weddings, vintage weddings, and the kind of weddings where guests blow bubbles. I’m a photographer who embraces natural settings, captures charming details and zooms in on moments of wonder and delight.

So why do I love what I do?

Every weekend I get to attend a party. Every weekend I get to watch two people in love surrounded by family and friends, have the Best. Day. Ever. And I get to take pretty pictures of sweets. Sometimes I’m allowed to eat them. Bonus.

Want to know more? Here are some things I loveTruly, Madly, Deeply

  • The Princess Bride! Because true love is not meant to be ho hum       

  • Rescue puppies, they steal your heart completely

  • Travelling. Over 65 countries so far. Fancy an overseas wedding? I am totally there!

  • Environmental responsibility.  The three Rs rule and I may have dressed as a numbat during the late 90s to protest logging in our beautiful south west forest.  You can still get photographed in that forest at your down south wedding, because it's still there.  You're welcome.

  • Dreamy backlighting in that golden magic hour. That might be 10 minutes in the height of summer or 3 hours in May. It is magical so it doesn't obey Earth's time constraints.

  • Photographing happy people!

So that’s me. Your turn now. Get in touch so we can talk about your ideas for creating an awesome wedding day.